This series, Undercurrents, began on 9-12-2021. It was a series that originally consisted of a total of 52 photographs in which one still life work per week made up the total pool of works which was selected from for the final series. Out of the 52 completed files, approximately 25 was chosen to print and form the final series. The prints are offered in two sizes, 80 inches long and 44 inches long.

During the global COVID pandemic I spent a lot of my free time hiking and camping in quiet wilderness areas, far away from urbanism, primarily in the Appalachian Mountains. This work references and is inspired by the quiet power and the hidden flows of energy in the natural world we experience there. They  reflect the organic connectivity and neural networks that flow within the forests, mountains and oceans.

These still life works are made from photographs of folded washi printmaking paper and other printmaking papers left over and upcycled from my regular art printmaking activity. The visual flow and sculptural qualities of the imagery is created and influenced by the way in which the paper forms are lit in the studio, with the light coming from underneath, as well as from above.

These prints are not parametric digitally created forms executed with computer software algorithms. They are rather the product of folding and carefully lighting various physical paper media, and through this, creating imaginary panoramas that reflect the unconscious landscape that we carry within us.

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